Communicates accurately

The Burner Brake is an intelligent bicycle light designed to keep you safe. Powered by Beryl's bespoke braking algorithm - a smart accelerometer that knows when you're purposefully braking and alerts other cyclists and vehicles by boosting the brightness of your light similar to that of a car.

How long does the battery last

Although we can confidently say the Burner Brake will provide the following battery run times the figures below do not take into account the level of use over a longer period of time, battery storage, operating temperature and whole host of other variables.

Can it fit to an Aero Post

We designed the Burner Brake to be able to fit all standard seat posts and a wide variety of aero seat posts. Please ensure you have inserted the Aero Adaptor into the Mount and that you’re using the longer Silicone Strap.

Is the Burner Waterproof

The Burner Brake is rated to a waterproof level of IP66 meaning that it can withstand the elements of all countries. It is resistant to high pressure jets and rough seas however we would recommend not submerging the light in water. 

Checking your BATTERY LEVEL - Your Burner Brake will indicate its battery level by lighting up the front LED’s in four different ways that resemble a fuel gauge. Short press of the front button whilst your Burner Brake is OFF will indicate your lights battery level.

  • 100% of the front LEDs represents - 100% charged

  • 75% of the front LEDs represents 100 - 75% charged

  • 50% of the front LEDs represents 75 - 50% charged

  • 25% of the front LEDs represents >25% charged

NOTE: Your Burner Brake will also display its charge level when turning ON or OFF.

How to know the Burner Brake is charging

On the front of the Burner Brake is a charging indicator that will flash red when the light is charging. Once the light is fully charged the charging indicator will show solid Green.

You can always check the amount of charge of your Burner brake by pressing the front button whilst your Burner Brake is off unplugged from a power source.

How long does it take to charge

The Burner Brake is a powerful rear light that takes 1.5 hours to charge from completely flat. However if you’re in need of some charge you can charge the light to 50% within 30 minutes.

Product physical specifications

Dimensions - L: 8.5 x W: 2.4 x H: 3 cm · 55g (with bracket), 44g (without bracket)

Specific battery care and longevity information

Your new Burner BrakeCore contains a Lithium Polymer battery which is considered to be one of the highest quality batteries on the market. This means that the battery can be charged with any level of charge without affecting the longevity of your battery.

However, it’s important to note that if you intend to store your light for a period of 2 months or more. You will need to leave the light with over 20% charge. Failure to do so can result in decreased longevity of the battery life within your Burner BrakeCore.

We advise setting a reminder in your phone to charge not only your Burner BrakeCore but all electrical devices every two months to prolong their operating life.

Testing and Certification

The Burner Brake has undergone strenuous laboratory and real life scenario testing to meet the requirements for the following safety certification. 

  • CE

  • RoHS

  • FCC

Burner Brake Warranty

Something not working right? No need to worry. Your Burner Brake (excluding the battery) comes with a 2 (two) year warranty against manufacturing defects. 

The battery is covered by a 1 (one) year warranty against manufacturing defects. 

Please note any unauthorised repairs, carried out by an unauthorised party, will void the warranty. So leave it to the experts and get in touch if you’re having issues with your Burner Brake.