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It’s important that you become familiar with operating your Burner Brake as some issues can easily be solved or explained by understanding how your Burner Brake is correctly meant to be used. 

Please have a read over our ‘First Time Getting Started’ page and if your problem is not solved please read our troubleshooting guide below. In the instance neither of the previous steps work please feel free to get in contact with us.

My Burner Brake won’t switch on 

Firstly make sure your Burner Brake is fully charged by giving a short press to the Front button, this will indicate the charge level of your Burner Brake by the front LEDs showing you how much charge is left as a fuel gauge would. 

If your Burner Brake indicates it has some level of charge through the front LED fuel gauge function and will not further turn on please get in touch with us.

If the Burner Brake indicates it is less >25% charged with 25% of the front LEDs lighting up or no light at all, please charge your Burner Brake. Please try multiple USB ports as not all USB ports are made the same and output varying amounts of power.

If your Burner Brake continues not to charge or indicates a charge level with over 25% of the front LEDs lighting up and will not further turn on please get in touch with us.

I’m struggling to Turn my Burner Brake OFF an ON

To completely turn your Burner Brake ON or OFF you need to press the front button for a longer period than you would by cycling through the five modes. Long press for ON and OFF and a short press to cycle through the five modes. 

Be sure to take it easy on the front button as excessive pressure can cause the front button to jam or stick rendering the light unusable. 

My Burner Brake is stuck on Brake Detection

One of Burner Brake’s awesome features is Brake Detection where the light boosts its brightness as it detects you slowing down. This particular feature increases your visibility by alerting other cyclists and vehicles you’re slowing down further increasing your safety.

The Brake Detection function requires battery power to run, so you may want to turn it off to extend life between charges.

To turn off the Brake Detection feature, keep your finger on the power button when you turn it on for 5 seconds, until you see three flashes. This signals that brake detection is now turned off. 

To restore Brake Detection, simply turn the light off and on again to reset.

Brake Detection wont come on 

You may have accidentally turned the Brake Detection feature on. Not to worry the Burner Brake will automatically enable Brake Detection by turning the light Off and On again.

The Micro USB cover will not close

The Micro USB is designed to be a tight fit to stop water getting into the charging point of the Burner Brake so sometimes it can be a little tricky to fit back into place. Keep pushing and wiggling and it will eventually go back in, keeping your Burner Brake nice and dry.

Part of my Burner Brake’s LEDs has stopped working

The Burner Brake is made up from a sequence of Light Emitting Diodes and in the instance of an excessive fall may cause some of the LEDs to stop working. So please be careful when getting creative on mounting your Burner Brake and always try take the best care possible.

In the instance you received your Burner Brake out of the box like this, please get in contact with us immediately. 

My Burner Brake Mount Snapped

In the unfortunate event your Burner Brake Multi-Mount has snapped we do offer replacement mounts on our website

My Burner Brake Wont fit my Aero-Seat post

We designed the Burner Brake to be able to fit all standard seat posts and a wide variety of aero seat posts. Please ensure you have inserted the Aero Adaptor into the Mount and that you’re using the longer Silicone Strap.

Unfortunately, the Burner Brake may not fit on some large aero seat posts that can traditionally be seen on Time-Trial Bikes. The Silicone Strap is stretchy but stretched to far and it will snap so please be careful when mounting your Burner Brake to any seat post.

My Burner Brake easily falls out of the Mount

Please remember that when inserting your Burner Brake into the Mount that you need to hold back the Mount tab and listen/feel for the click. Failure to do so may cause the light to become detached and potentially damaged.

If this is the case from immediately opening and operating your Burner Brake please let us know by emailing

If this occurs after sometime of operation we can only assume that your Mount has incurred damage and you can purchase a new Mount here.

My Burner Brake won’t click into the Multi-Mount

Please ensure your Burner Brake is perpendicular to the Mount and centrally aligned. Don’t tilt the Burner Brake as you apply some pressure and it should click into place.

Some of the Features/Functions aren’t working upon unpacking

It’s important that if any features of your new light aren’t working upon arrival that you stop using the light and get in contact with us straight away. 

If you’re unaware of what features and functions your light has then please refer to the Product Information guide.

None of The Solutions Above Worked

If you can’t find a solution in the troubleshooting guide above, please get in contact with us via email on

We will endeavour to get in contact with you ASAP to help resolve any issues you’re having with your light.