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Welcome to the Burner Brake club and we’re excited to get you out riding safely with a light that detects when you slow down, accurately warning other road users that you are putting your brakes on by intensifying the light. We've also got the basics covered: Burner Brake is a waterproof, 200 lumens rear light with Day Flash mode to keep you extra safe, and fast USB charging.

Now we can imagine you’re excited to get going and illuminate your way around town, but have a read of the following so you’re completely up-to-date with your new Burner Brake. 

Opening your Burner Brake

When opening your Burner Brake from it’s packaging you will notice that it comes with the following items:

  • Burner Brake 

  • Mounting Bracket

  • 2 x Silicone Straps

  • Aero Seatpost Adapter

  • Micro USB Charging Cable

Operating your Burner Brake

Your new intelligent Burner Brake has a whole lot of features and functions so please read everything below carefully and make sure you’re aware of how everything works so you can get the most value out of your new light.

  • Turning ON or OFF - your Burner Brake can be turned on by holding down the front button for a brief moment.

  • Your Burner Brake has FOUR MODES -  which can be cycled through with a short press of the front button. The sequence for the four modes is as followed:


    1 - Bright Steady

    2 - Day Flash

    3 - Medium Steady

    4 - Animation 1 - Chase

    5 - Animation 2 - Hadron

NOTE: Your Burner Brake will remember the last mode you used, and resume this when you turn it back on.

  • Checking your BATTERY LEVEL - your Burner Brake will indicate its battery level by lighting up the front LED’s in four different ways that resemble a fuel gauge. Short press of the front button whilst your Burner Brake is OFF will indicate your lights battery level.

    • 100% of the front LEDs represents - 100% charged

    • 75% of the front LEDs represents 100 - 75% charged

    • 50% of the front LEDs represents 75 - 50% charged

    • 25% of the front LEDs represents < 25% charged

NOTE: Your Burner Brake will also display its charge level when turning ON or OFF.

Charging your Burner Brake

  • CHARGING Your Burner Brake is simple by following the next steps:

1 - Remove protective Micro USB cap

2 - Insert Micro USB cable supplied into the Burner Brake

3 - Connect Micro USB cable to power source

4 - Solid Green LED will indicate your Burner Brake is 100% charged

Brake Detection Feature

Your new Burner Brake is an intelligent light that comes with a feature designed to improve your safety whilst cycling. The Burner Brake boosts its brightness when it detects you’re slowing down. This alerts other cyclists and vehicles that you’re reducing your speed, reducing the chance of a collision by making yourself more visible.

This feature is automatically on when operating your Burner Brake. However this function requires battery power to run, so you may want to turn it off to extend life between charges (we highly recommend leaving on). 

To turn off the Brake Detection Feature keep your finger on the power button when you turn it on for 5 seconds, until you see three flashes. This signals that brake detection is now turned off. To restore brake detection, simply turn your light on and off again to reset.

Mounting your Burner Brake

Your Burner Brake comes with a mounting bracket, aero-seat post adaptor and two silicone straps for the specific purpose of being mounted on all standard seat-posts and a variety of aero seat-posts. You may need to switch silicone straps to firmly affix the mount to your specific seat post.

  • If you have an aero seat post please insert the aero-adaptor into the mount. If your seat post is a standard seat post leave as is.

  • Place the mount against the back side of your seat post in the position you would like your light to sit. Ensure the Mount tab is facing upwards.

  • Use one of the two silicone straps by inserting the strap into the Mount arm and secure around your seat post by hooking the other end of the silicone strap into the other Mount arm. 

  • Slide the Burner Brake into the Mount until you feel/hear a click. You can slide your Burner Brake in vertically or horizontally depending on which position you prefer. 

Looking after your Burner Brake

Taking proper care of your Burner Brake and showing it some love will increase the longevity of your new light for future use.

  • Burner Brakes don’t like exposure to high pressure water jets, so please remove before cleaning your bike. 

  • We love natural cleaning agents; please don’t use alcohol-based or aggressive cleaning products on the Burner Brake light.

  • Give your Burner Brake, Multi-mount and Velcro-Strap a health-check regularly to make sure there no signs of damage.

  • Prepare your Burner Brake if it’s off-duty for a while; make sure to fully charge your light before tucking it away for long periods of time.

Burner Brake Warranty

No need to worry your Burner Brake comes with a 2 (two) year warranty against manufacturing defects. With the exception of your Burner Brake battery which is covered by a 1 (one) year warranty against manufacturing defects. 

Please note any unauthorised repairs, carried out by an unauthorised party will void the warranty. So leave it to the experts and get in touch if you’re having issues with your Burner Brake.

If you have any issues regarding your Burner Brake please contact us on