Is the Pixel red or white?

The Pixel can be either red or white. Press the light once, it’s white. Press again it’s red.

How do I attach it to my helmet?

Using the Pixel mount and the velcro strap which is provides, you can attach it to your helmet. Always ensure that the light is on the outside of the helmet. Consult our Starter Guide if you need any guidance on attaching your Pixel to a helmet.

What modes does Pixel have?

Pixel has solid modes for both the red and white light modes, as well as a heartbeat mode for both colours. 

Please note the Pixel automatically switches into a Get Me Home mode when its charge is below 25% battery. To gain access to all modes again your Pixel will need to be fully charged.

Where can the Pixel fit?

The Pixel is designed to be a multi purpose light that can fit on your handlebars, seat post, seats tays, helmets, backpack, trousers, shorts... the options are endless. We challenge you to be creative but please be careful and consider the light falling off when doing so.

Is the Pixel theft resistant?

The ability to remove the Pixel quickly makes it the perfect light for anyone leaving their bike unattended where the potential for theft is high. However, this also means that if you forget to take your Pixel off your bike a thief could easily remove your Pixel. 

Please remember to take your Pixel with you when leaving your bike, helmet or bag unattended.

How bright is the light in lumens (lm)?

The Pixel for a small light is surprisingly bright! The Pixel illuminates 40 lumens on the white function and 18 lumens on the red function. Everyone who gets their hands on the Pixel believes it packs more lumens than it actually does.

Is the Pixel visible in the day?

The Pixel is visible in daytime however it’s not designed for day-time riding. If you’re looking to purchase a light visible in daylight it may be worth considering another light from our range such as the Laserlight Core or Burner Brake.

How long does the battery last?

Although we can confidently say the Pixel will provide the following battery run times the figures below do not take into account the level of use of a longer period of time, battery storage, operating temperature and whole host of other variables.


Is it waterproof?

The Pixel is water resistant and has been built to survive the elements. It’s not designed to withstand being submerged in water though so please take care when cleaning the light. 

What happens if it breaks?

No need to worry. Your Pixel comes with a 2 (two) year warranty against manufacturing defects. With the exception of your Pixel battery which is covered by a 1 (one) year warranty against manufacturing defects. 

Please note any unauthorised repairs, carried out by an unauthorised party will void the warranty. So leave it to the experts and get in touch if you’re having issues with your Pixel.

If you have any issues regarding your Pixel please read the articles in the help section or contact us on

Need a new charging cable or bracket?

In the instance you need a new cable or mounting bracket for your Pixel please refer to our website as we sell all relevant accessories for our lights through our website.