Read This First

It’s important that you become familiar with operating your Pixel as some issues can easily be solved or explained by understanding how your Pixel is correctly meant to be used. 

Please have a read over our ‘First Time Getting Started’ page and if your problem is not solved please read our troubleshooting guide below. In the instance neither of the previous steps work please feel free to get in contact with us.

My Pixel won’t switch on 

Firstly make sure your Pixel is fully charged by giving a short press to the Front button. This will indicate the charge level of your Pixel. 

If your Pixel indicates it has some level of charge with either an Amber or Green light and will not further turn on please send us an email on

If the Pixel indicates it is less than 25% charged with a Red light or no light at all, please charge your Pixel. Please try multiple USB ports as not all USB ports are made the same and output varying amounts of power.

If your Pixel continues not to charge or indicates a Green light and will not further turn on, please get in touch with us.

I’m struggling to Turn my Pixel OFF an ON 

To completely turn your Pixel ON or OFF you need to press the front button for a longer period than you would when cycling through the four modes. Long press for ON and OFF and a short press to cycle through the four modes. 

Be sure to take it easy on the front button as excessive pressure can cause it to jam or stick, rendering the light unusable.

My Pixel is stuck on Flashing Mode 

One of Pixel’s awesome feature is the "Get Me Home Mode" which can extend the battery life by 2 hours when you’re less than 25% charged. This enables you to get home safely when you have minimal charge in your Pixel. 

Once your Pixel is fully charged you will be able to use all four modes again. So remember to plug your Pixel in and wait 1 hour and 30 minutes for it to fully charge once you’re home.

The Micro USB cover will not close

The Micro USB is designed to be a tight fit to stop water getting into the charging point of the Pixel so sometimes it can be a little tricky to fit back into place. Keep pushing and wiggling and it will eventually go back in, keeping your Pixel charging port and electronics nice and dry.

Part of my Pixel’s LEDs has stopped working

The Pixel is made up from a sequence of Light Emitting Diodes and in the instance of an excessive fall may cause some of the LEDs to stop working. So please be careful when getting creative on mounting your Pixel and always try take the best care possible.

In the instance you received your Pixel out of the box like this, please send us an email on 

My Pixel Multi-Mount snapped

In the unfortunate event your Pixel Multi-Mount has snapped we do offer replacement mounts on our website

We have tested the Multi-Mount in different environments and believe if treated correctly will give you no issues. If you believe otherwise please feel free to get in contact with us.  

My Pixel Multi-Mount won't fit onto my Velcro Multi Strap

We designed the Pixel to be a multi-use light that comes out of the box with a varying amount of attachment options. We specifically designed the Multi-Mount to be a tight fit on our Velcro Multi Strap eliminating the issue of it falling off. Pull the Velcro Multi Strap away from your helmet and then slide the Multi-Mount on with some pressure.

My Pixel Velcro Multi Strap won’t fit on my helmet

With a wide variety of helmets and sizes on the market it became near impossible to create a Velcro Strap that would fit all the varying ventilation holes. We believe our Velcro Multi Strap will fit 90% of helmets and sizes on the market. 

In the instance the Velcro Multi Strap doesn’t fit your helmet please consider mounting the Pixel elsewhere, such as your handlebar, backpack, seatpost or even trousers.

My Pixel easily falls out of the Multi-Mount

If this is the case from immediately opening and operating your Pixel, please let us know immediately. 

If this occurs after sometime of operation we can only assume that your Multi-Mount has incurred damage and you can purchase a new Multi-Mount here.

My Pixel won’t click into the Multi-Mount

Please ensure your Pixel is perpendicular to the Multi-mount and centrally aligned. Don’t tilt the Pixel as you apply some pressure and it should click into place.

Some of the Features/Functions aren’t working upon unpacking

It’s important that if any features of your new light aren’t working upon arrival that you stop using the light and get in contact with us straight away on

If you’re unaware of what features and functions your light has then please refer to the Product Information document - here.

None of The Solutions Above Worked

If you can’t find a solution in the troubleshooting guide above, please get in contact with usWe will get back to you as quick as possible to help resolve any issues you’re having with your light.