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So you’ve just got your hands on a sweet new Pixel! The Pixel is a two-in-one light that can be either red or white. It offers complete flexibility and can be used on your bike as a front or rear light, or mounted to your bag, helmet or even arm for walking and running.

Now we can imagine you’re excited to get going and illuminate your way around the town, but have a read of the following so you’re completely up-to-date with your new Pixel. 

Opening Your Pixel

When opening your Pixel from it’s beautiful packaging you will notice that it comes with the following items in the box:

  • Pixel 

  • Multi-Mount

  • Silicone Strap

  • Velcro Multi Strap

  • Micro USB Charging Cable

Operating Your Pixel

As mentioned your new Pixel can operate as both a front white light and rear red light!


  • Turning your Pixel ON or OFF can be done by holding down the front button for a brief moment.

  • Your Pixel has FOUR MODES which can be cycled through with a short press of the front button. The sequence for the four modes is as following:

1 - Steady White

2 - Steady Red

3 - Pulse White

4 - Pulse Red

  • Checking your BATTERY LEVEL can be done with a short press of the front button whilst the light is turned off which will indicate a colour on the charge LED. The following colours indicate:

    • Green <75%

    • Amber 75-25%

    • Red >25% (charge recommended) 

            NOTE: Your Pixel will also display its charge level when turning ON or OFF.

  • CHARGING your Pixel is simple by following these steps:

1 - Remove protective Micro USB cap

2 - Insert Micro USB cable supplied into the Pixel

3 - Connect Micro USB cable to power source

4 - Solid Green LED will indicate when your Pixel is 100% charge     


Mounting Your Pixel

Your Pixel comes with a variety of different mounting brackets and can be used beyond the specific purposes of cycling and running.

  • Multi Mount - this is the primary mount for the Pixel and the Pixel can be ATTACHED by pressing the Pixel slightly into the mount. To REMOVE push the Multi-Mount tab and pull the Pixel out of the Multi-Mount.


  • Silicone Strap - used by inserting into the Multi-Mount and then securing around your seatpost or handlebar.


  • Velcro Multi Strap - Allows you to strap around the ventilation holes in your helmet and then slide the Multi-Mount onto the Velcro Multi Strap.


  • Further Use - the Pixel can be mounted in a varying amount of ways. Although the Pixel is specifically designed for cycling and running there’s multiple ways to mount the light if you’re willing to be creative.


Looking After Your Pixel

Taking proper care of your Pixel and showing it some love will increase the longevity of your new light for future use.

  • Pixels don’t like exposure to high pressure water jets, so please remove before cleaning your bike. 

  • We love natural cleaning agents. Please don’t use alcohol-based or aggressive cleaning products on the Pixel light.

  • Give your Pixel, Multi-mount and Velcro-Strap a health-check regularly to make sure there no signs of damage.

  • Prepare your Pixel if it’s off-duty for a while: make sure to fully charge your light before tucking it away for long periods of time.

Pixel Warranty

Something gone wrong? No need to worry. Your Pixel comes with a 2 (two) year warranty against manufacturing defects. With the exception of your Pixel battery which is covered by a 1 (one) year warranty against manufacturing defects. 

Please note: any unauthorised repairs, carried out by an unauthorised party, will void the warranty. So leave it to the experts and get in touch if you’re having issues with your Pixel.

If you have any issues regarding your Pixel please make send us an email on