Read This First

We hope you’re excited to get going with your new Laserlight Core! We spent a lot of time crafting the Laserlight Core which has Beryl's patented laser projection technology, combining a white light and a laser image to beam out of blind spots, junctions and situations where you’re otherwise unseen. 


The Laserlight Core is cased in a durable Carbon Grey polymer. The Core is designed to be lightweight making it a perfect addition for any city commuter.


Now, we can imagine you’re excited to get going and illuminate your way around town, but have a read of the following so you’re completely up-to-date with your new Laserlight Core. 


Opening your Laserlight Core

The Laserlight Core comes with the following items in the box:

  • Laserlight Core

  • Mount

  • Silicone Strap

  • Micro USB Charging Cable

Operating Your Laserlight Core

Your Laserlight Core is designed to make cycling safer, so knowing how to operate it correctly is crucial to receiving maximum value from your light.


You will see two buttons on the top of your Laserlight Core with the forward button responsible for Laser Control and the button behind responsible for the LED Control. 

NOTE - The Laser Control button shows a Laser whilst the LED Control button indicates a circle the same shape as an athletics track. Both buttons work independently of each other.

  • Laser Control Button

The Laser Control button will provide three function/modes in the following sequence from being turned on:

1. Steady

2. Flash

3. Off

  • LED Control Button

The LED Control button will provide five function/modes in the following sequence from being turned on:

  1. Day Flash

  2. Flash

  3. Low steady

  4. High steady

  5. Off

  • Checking your BATTERY LEVEL 

This can be done with a short press of the LED or Laser Control button whilst the light is turned off which will indicate a colour on the charge LED. The colours indicate:

  • Green 100-80% charged

  • Flashing Green 80-50% charged

  • Red 50-25% charged

  • Flashing Red >25% (charge recommended) 

NOTE: Your Laserlight Core will also display its charge level when turning ON or 


  • CHARGING your Laserlight Core

The charging port for your Laserlight Core is located on the underside of the light and by following the steps below you will be able to charge your light: 

  1. Remove protective Micro USB cap

  2. Insert Micro USB cable supplied into the Laserlight Core

  3. Connect Micro USB cable to power source

  4. Solid Green LED will indicate when your Laserlight Core is 100% charged

Mounting Your Laserlight Core

Your Laserlight Core comes with a handlebar mount that is designed to fit all standard handlebar sizes. Your Laserlight Core can be independently removed from the handlebar mount. 

  1. Insert the Silicone Strap into the side of the Mount which has the plastic tab. 

  2. Place the mount on your handlebar and pull the other end of the Silicone Strap around to secure the Mount to your handlebar.

  1. Slide your Laserlight Core backwards into the Mount until you hear a ‘click’.

  1. To remove your Laserlight Core from the Mount press the plastic tab on the Mount and slide the light forward.

Calibrating Your Laserlight Core Laser

Before you start riding, it’s important your Laser projection is calibrated to the optimum position. To do this, turn on your Laser after you have mounted your Laserlight Core to your handlebars. Adjust the lights position until the projection of the bicycle is 4 - 6 metres away.

Locking and unlocking your Laserlight Core

  • Locking your Laserlight Core

If you're taking your Laserlight Core off your bike and putting it in a bag or pocket, you may want to lock the light to make sure it doesn't accidentally turn on and drain the battery without you noticing. The Laserlight Core has a locking feature to prevent this happening. To lock the light, hold both buttons down together for 2 seconds until the LED flashes. Your light is now locked. 

  • Unlocking your Laserlight Core

If you've locked your Laserlight Core to prevent it turning on accidentally, to unlock it for use simply hold both buttons down together for 2 seconds until the you see a double flash from the LED. The light is now unlocked.

Looking After Your Laserlight Core

Taking proper care of your Laserlight Core and showing it some love will increase the longevity of your new light for future use.

  • The Laserlight Core is rated up to a waterproof level of IP55, however we advise not exposing it to high pressure water jets, so please remove before cleaning your bike

  • We love natural cleaning agents. Please don’t use alcohol-based or aggressive cleaning products on the Laserlight Core

  • Give your Laserlight Core, mount and silicone strap a health-check regularly to make sure there no signs of damage

  • Prepare your Laserlight Core if it’s off-duty for a while. Make sure to fully charge your light before tucking it away for long periods of time

  • It’s important to be aware that although we’ve built the Laserlight Core to withstand some knocks and bumps, the most common reason for the laser failing within the unit is due to significant drops

Laserlight Core Warranty

Something not working right? No need to worry. Your Laserlight Core (excluding the battery) comes with a 2 (two) year warranty against manufacturing defects. Your Laserlight Core battery  is covered by a 1 (one) year warranty against manufacturing defects. 


Please note any unauthorised repairs, carried out by an unauthorised party, will void the warranty. So leave it to the experts and get in touch if you’re having issues with your Laserlight Core.


If you have any issues regarding your Laserlight Core please make your way to our Support Portal where you can find answers to common questions and submit a support ticket if you wish to chat with a person - here.