Welcome to Beryl and congratulations on your brand new Burner.

Our lights have been designed with functionality in mind and to provide something conversation worthy with your friends. We always invite feedback on our products so please feel free to drop us an email and get to know us all more.

Here are a couple of quick things to know about the Burner:

• The Burner does not contain a laser.

• Please do not attempt to repair the light on your own. It will void your warranty. Instead, let our team do it for you (it’s our job).

• Don’t tighten the bracket too much. This will stress the plastic and increase your chances of it cracking.

• Give it a good charge before your first use (we recommend a full charge).

We have a video which can also give you a little kick-start into using the Burner if you’d like to watch instead of read. 

Unboxing and mounting your Burner

In the box, you’ll receive everything you need to get started: Burner, charging cable, bracket (with inserts) and a hex key for mounting.

Secure your bracket onto your bike and make sure the Burner will be somewhere visible (not hidden by a pannier rack or a bag). Pick the insert that best fits your bike (if one is required) and clip it on. Tighten the bracket so there is no wiggle room but do not overtighten.


Hold the button down to turn on your Burner. It will then cycle through the following modes with a press of the button:

• Bright Steady

• Normal Steady

• Sweep

• Beating

• Chase

• Sides


A short second press will put the Burner into automatic mode which will activate the Burner when it's needed. You’ll see a small white LED flash from time to time when in automatic mode.


The Burner will remember which mode you were in and will start with this mode when you next turn it on.


If you’re running out of juice on your ride home, the Burner will automatically go into power save mode. This is when it changes to normal steady at 15%. You’ll then have an additional 5 hours to get you home safely and pop it on charge.


We know that bike lights can often be seasonal. With this in mind, we ask that if you’re hibernating your lights for the summer, leave them with at least 40% charge. This’ll keep the battery “awake” and stop it from harming the charge capacity for the future.


Enjoy your Burner!