I need a spare bracket

Spare brackets are available via our website. 

I need a spare charging cable

Need a spare one to leave at work? No problem! Find these on our website as well.

Can I use my Laserlight accessories with the Burner?

Laserlight charge cable - yes, this also works on the Burner.
Laserlight hex key - yes, you can also fit your Burner bracket with the same hex key.
Laserlight bracket - no, the Burner does not fit into the Laserlight bracket.  The Burner works on a swift magnet coupling and so needs a dedicated Burner bracket.

Will the Burner magnet damage my...?

Keeping your Burner in your pocket alongside your wallet and credit cards is fine. The Burner's coupling magnet is located on the bracket, and not on the Burner itself. However the Burner does contain a much smaller magnet in the control panel which holds the charging cable in place. This magnet should be much too weak to affect anything such as credit cards.

Will the Burner 'bounce' off my bike?

Absolutely not - the Burner bracket's magnet holds the Burner onto your bike, but it is the mechanical fit of the socket which will prevent any dislocation caused by bumps and bunny hops. For the Burner to dislocate due to an impact, there would have to be an extreme force large enough to break the bracket - a drop-off from the top of the Shard, for instance (don't try this please).

Can I replace the Burner's battery?

There are batteries, and then there are an entirely different species of batteries with vastly superior longevity. You can guess which type of battery we are using. If stored correctly, this lithium ion cell should last for the lifetime of your Burner and beyond. To store your Burner correctly, you must make sure that it is stored with more than 20% charge if leaving for longer than two months unused. 

Where was the Burner designed and assembled?

Beryl/ Blaze products are designed in the UK by our team. Our Burners are assembled in the UK.

How do I dispose of the Burner at the end of its life?

We encourage you to send any Beryl / Blaze items in need of disposal back to us. We will recycle as much as we can and dispose of all items sustainably, whether that is electrical items, accessories or packaging.