Laser testing and certification

This device complies with part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is subject to the following conditions:
1. This device may not cause harmful interference
2. This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation

The Blaze Laserlight is equipped with a class 3R laser according to standard IEC 60825. It is classified as a IIIa laser product compliant with 21CFR chapter I, subchapter J. It has output power of <5mW, and wavelength of 510-525nm. The image attached below is a reproduction of the laser safety label found on your Laserlight.

If you live in Australia, you'll probably be aware of the strict rules surrounding the import of lasers. The Blaze Laserlight does, in fact, contain a laser diode. However it falls outside of import restrictions captured in the Schedule 13 of Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956. It has been confirmed by officials at Australian Customs and Border Protection that the Blaze Laserlight is not considered to be a hand-held laser pointer and so is not controlled on entry into Australia.  

Battery run times and checking the charge level

All figures below are approximate and do not take into account the level of use, battery storage, operating temperature and a whole host of other variables.


LED flashing 100lmLED high constant 300lmLED low constant 100lmReading constant 30lm
Laser constant*6 hr2 hr4.5 hrx
Laser flashing*13 hr2.5 hr6.5 hrx
Laser off*28.5 hrc. 3 hr9.5 hr32 hr

 * These modes will only operate when the Laserlight is in its bracket for safety reasons and to preserve your battery.

To check the charge level of your Laserlight, press the LED button briefly. The coloured indicator lights around the charge pins will display the remaining battery life for three seconds. A single, brief flash of the red indicator light means that the battery is too low for the light to operate at all.  

Charge level*Indicator
 0 - 20%Red flashing
20% - 50%Steady red
50% - 80%Blue flashing
80% - 100%Steady blue

* These percentage figures are approximate

When your Laserlight is on charge, the indicator lights around the charging pins will light up in different colours to show its progress. This follows exactly the same pattern to the charge level indicators, moving from red flashing to blue steady as the battery is charged fully.  

A full charge cycle should take approximately four hours. If you are short on time, remember that even a half hour of charging could give your light enough of a boost to last for a couple more hours, depending on the mode.

Battery care and longevity 

We've used the highest quality lithium-ion cells inside your Laserlight, so you can go ahead and charge it at any point without affecting the performance of the battery. You don't have to drain the battery fully before charging - just charge it when you want!

Extended periods of non-use will, however, affect the battery. If you are storing your Laserlight away for a few months or longer, charge it to above 20% (solid red indicator light). Always store Laserlights at cool temperatures above freezing. Storing in a warm environment for prolonged periods may shorten battery life.


If you've stored the light for long periods, please charge it before the next use. You should recharge your light up to about 50% (solid red indicator) once a year at the very least.  

Your Laserlight may be small, but it is highly communicative. If it begins to get too hot, the red indicator will flash; too cold and the blue indicator will flash! It is designed to operate in temperatures between -5ºc and +35ºc, so let's keep it happy! Charge indoors at temperatures between 5ºc and 35ºc. For safety reasons, your Laserlight won't charge below 5ºc.