Military addresses

We can ship to military addresses, no problem. Just make sure that  we can get a signature upon delivery. The courier services that we use require it, and won't deliver without that signature! The chances are that you won't be around to receive it, so please be clear on how your mail is received before placing an order. If you have any questions or want to discuss this, then please do get in touch.

PO Boxes in EU

We use a tracked delivery service which sometimes requires a signature, depending on where you are based.  Delivering to a PO Box in the EU should not usually be a problem, but since we cannot guarantee it please consider using your home, work or a friendly neighbour's address for delivery instead. The packaging for your lights is slightly too large to fit through a standard letter box, so please choose the delivery destination that will work for you. If you have any questions then please do ask us on  

PO Boxes in the Rest of the World

In certain places, delivering to a PO Box could be problematic, as there's generally no one there to sign a delivery note. We are using a signed and tracked delivery service via UPS to deliver to the Rest of the World. The courier will require a signature to deliver a package, so if no one is present to sign then the package will not be delivered. The courier may or may not accept a signature from a postal office worker when they deliver to a PO Box, but the chances are that they won't. If you get a failed delivery, then your lights will be taken to a UPS depot for your collection within 14 days. Please consider using your home or work address for delivery.