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Longer days are here, will Blaze feel left out?

The days are getting longer and Spring/summer feels like it is fully on the way now. If your Blaze has been keeping you company on rides home after work and late night rides aren't your thing you may wonder what your Blaze laserlight will get up to until the long nights can rekindle your need for a trusty companion.

Well here is one way that my laserlight has come to the rescue (with sidekick bent paperclip)  to solve a tricky problem when my computer DVD stopped working and started making some funny noises. 

All in a days work for a Blaze laserlight.

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Thanks for sharing this, Mark!  Good to see that your Laserlight was the thing that you reached for when faced with a tricky situation.  We always thought that it would make a good superhero accessory...

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