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Potential problems with airlines and lasers?

Having just mounted my new Laserlight on my tourer (will post a photo in a bit), anyone have any ideas if taking it  through an airport as part of my bike will pose any potential problems? Not sure if the laser aspect of it might cause alarm with any inspecting it...

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Hi Reuben, good question!  

Baggage checks on hand luggage tend to work on a discretionary model, so we would advise placing your Laserlight into your checked baggage where there are no potential questions about its use on board the aircraft.  That said, it is not on the list of restricted items, so in theory you should be free to take it in any bag.  Here's the complete list of restricted items:

No matter how much you want to tell your fellow passengers about the benefits of riding with a Laserlight, set your Laserlight to a 'locked' position (hold both buttons together until you see the double-flash) and don't turn it on until you're back on the ground and away from the airport.  

So if this is fine, why is it always assumed that lasers and aircraft don't mix?  Airlines quite understandably don't like it when a laser device is pointed from the ground up to the cockpit of an aircraft.  It can cause danger to the pilot and put the aircraft at risk.  However, if you were to point a Laserlight into the sky (and we don't suggest that you do this), the resulting image would be larger than the 'plane itself, as the laser energy is 'spread' to create the bicycle image. 

People may also have questions about the carriage of lithium batteries on aircraft, so I'll talk about this now while we're on the subject!  On aircraft, carrying loose and spare lithium batteries is heavily restricted, and either has to be declared or left at the departure gate.  However, the Laserlight's battery is fully sealed inside the unit and is below 100 watt hours (it is 10.5wh), which means that it doesn't need to be declared to airline staff, and it can also be carried either in hand luggage or checked baggage.  

Here is some information on carrying lithium batteries from the International Air Transport Association: 

Have a great trip (send us a photo)!

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